Naturally crazy, highly recommended by fans

Naturally crazy~~


The product is able to stand the test of Taiwan CocoaBeauty 👍👍First brand👍👍~
# Natural Cocoa Lip Balm
It is necessary to carry it with you and moisturize at any time😙😙
No longer dry lips in autumn and winter
According to research!
On average, a girl will eat 1.8 in her lifetimeKilogram lipstick 👄👄
So larvae! It is really important that the sky is not natural👩‍🔬👩‍🔬~
Not only I love my own lip balm,,
I was told by an American friend working in TaiwanXiao Bian, he likes this product very much~
The editor also special screenshots and English translation of this loverLetter from ~~📣📣📣📣
(Chinese translation) I want to give you a big compliment.
First of all, the lip balm you sent me is great! INever tried anything like this! Other lip careApply a layer of ointment or protect the lips, but your birthYou can taste both-and long-lasting! -It is amazing to really moisturize the skin. My mouthLips are no longer chapped, they are actually healing! IIs a big fan!
How is the progress in marketing? It's time to openStarted working so that we can open the incensePenang! Please tell me your advertising strategy! If I explain to A and B, we will mentionThe most amazing Plan EVER!
This will be EPIC, and it must be a big success! Because you have such a great product!
Organic, sustainably produced products like yoursThe product is worthy of respect. This is unique and makesIt's incredible! I would be happy to help you pushWide this exquisite product! Let's keep the gapThe opening of communication channels!
I have learned a lot from working with you.
Original content:
Hello! This is Torch again!!!
I want to give you a big compliment, and then I want to ask you for a big favor.
First, this lip stuff you sent me in the package is AWESOME! I've never tried anything like this! Other lip balms coat and protect the lips, but yours does both – for a long time!!! – and genuinely moisturizes the skin . It's amazing. My lips are no longer chapped and are actually HEALING!!!
I'm a big fan!
How's it going with the marketing efforts? It's time to get to work NOW so that we can open the champagne LATER! Please tell me about your ad delivery strategy! If I explain it to A and B, we will come up with the most amazing plan EVER!
It will be EPIC because you have such a great product!
An organic, sustainably produced product like yours deserves respect. It's UNIQUE AND INCREDIBLE! I will happily help you promote this great product! Let's keep the channels of communication OPEN!
I've learned a lot from working with you.
# Pure Natural Lip Balm
# Cocoa
# Cocoa Butter Extraction
# cocoa fruit # cocoa after forest
# Pure Natural Cocoa Beauty Brand
Cocoa Industry Cross-domain Promotion Office
I love chocolate
# Pingtung Cocoa # Cocoa Butter
# EU's preferred raw material for infant products
# makes cocoa more than just chocolate
KAO YUAN University
# Gaoyuan Asset Management Department team assisted in the opening of e-commerce websitesend
Meihe University of Technology
# US and HKUST jointly develop products

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