Where can I buy Linhou cocoa products, the former residence of Teacher Zhang Xiaofeng

Many urban guests asked
Where can I buy Linhou cocoa products?
There are here~ ➡️ # Yongsheng No. 5

# Yongsheng No. 5 # writer Zhang Xiaofeng's former residence
Many people have the same question as me
When did you live? ! 🤔️
In fact, Teacher Xiaofeng has a deep relationship with Pingtung🏠

She has followed the major general's father since she was a child,
The whole family lives in the current # Shengli Star Village...

byHong Yijingposted on Saturday, March 6, 2021

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Happy new year 2021

🧨🐂 years to 🧨🎉
Lin Hou Coco Happy New Year to you🧨🎊
Congratulations to you all new year
The ox turns to the universe and the year of the ox is a great luck 🎁
Ping An Kangtai, Good luck, 🍎🍊🥜
Everything is okay🍫💄
Fortune, wealth, luck💰💰💰
Want 🈵🈵 a whole year🎊

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Cocoa Cross-domain Promotion Office is open for business

Can see, eat, buy # Chocolate
Very important! Very important! Very important!
Still available # Forest Cocoa whole series products
# this week Introduction
# most popular All Taiwanese girls have one
During the Chinese New Year, apply a beautiful and translucent dressing
Wish you new🐂The year is full of spirits~✈️🎈🎈🎈🎊🎊🎊🎊😎😎😎💕💕💕
🛒Official website shopping link 1➡️
🛒Family Good Seller Shopping 2➡️
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Cocoa cross-domain promotion center grand opening

🎉🎉🎉Grand opening🎉
4 great cocoa great value experiences on site~🍃🍫💄
Places are limited ~ fast hand knife registration✏️~
There is no guarantee that there will be places

Cocoa Cacao Cross-domain Promotion Institute opened four value-for-money DIY courses in advance! ! !
The great value experience courses brought by Linhou Cocoa and Joy Cocoa Coffee Garden have limited places, so come quickly!

Activity description ❗​
◌Time: 2/7 (Sun)...

byCocoa Cacao Cross-domain Promotion Officeposted on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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Cocoa Cycle Tour-Cocoa Black Gold, the whole is a treasure

✨Cocoa Black Gold-The whole tree is a treasure 💕
Cocoa-not just the cocoa seeds in the pod,
Has been widely used to make chocolate 🍫, beauty care products 💄.
And a lot of discarded cocoa husks,
It can also become an important raw material for beauty, health care, cultural and creative products.
Cocoa leaves 🍃 are also rich in precious nutrients, which can be used wisely~~🌿🪴🍁
Pingtung is blessed with natural environment and natural gas planting cocoa trees!
# Pingtung welcomes you to join us~🤝🧑‍🤝‍🧑 # Tide Travel🧳

Thank you # Public Television # Our Island # Cocoa Cycle Tour # Public Television News Report (Wonderful Replay)

News link:https://news.pts.org.tw/article/458857

Good seller shopping link:https://bit.ly/3tm9ad1
Good Family Seller Shopping Link 2:https://bit.ly/2LbJ5Mu
Official website shopping link:https://cacaobellaqueen.com/tw/shop/

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Coco's fantasy journey is a gift from my hometown

✨Big hand in hand🧑‍🤝‍🧑
Reporter Jialing wrote really well💕😘
The occurrence of all cocoa fantasy journeys🥜
It’s a gift from my hometown🎁
However, the editor's heart
Want to build a village🏠,dream🌈
It is the gratitude and return to the hometown and the land;
Industry and culture are the indispensable souls
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