Extraordinary TV Taiwan's Truth, Goodness and Beauty premieres tonight

Extraordinary TV Truth, Kindness and Beauty in Taiwan
# Coco Beauty Coco Beauty 🍫💄
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Special thanks to the reporter, senior photographer and program producer for this interview.
Thank you for your hard work and all kinds of assistance to make the interview broadcast smoothly~🛍️


Coco's Happiness Proposal-Linhou Japanese Corporate Video

Cocoa’s happiness proposal! We use products and cocoa villages to present the happiness and beauty that we are pursuing in our hearts! In the cocoa world language, combining industries, communities, cross-generations, and cross-culturals, we will introduce to you-Pingtung’s exclusive charming local and colorful life . grateful #'s most beautiful cocoa promotion ambassador Ms. #AjiokaMiki Introduce dubbed in person! # Taiwan-Japanese friendship#Taiwan❤️Japan # カカオ# Taiwan コスメ# Taiwan カカオ# Taiwan グルメ# Taiwan Travel# Taiwan に行きたいわん# Taiwan Sightseeing# invites you to use action support to purchase to help your dream move forward#suportbypurchasingCacao happiness proposal~ We'd like to present you the inner happiness and beauty in life through our cocoa products and the coming cacao village, inviting you to join us to experience the exclusively fine touch of Pingtung terroir. Special thanks to Ms. #Ajioka Miki, the charming Ambassador of Pingtung Cacao. Thanks for your beautiful and lovely voice over in this corporate video. Support by purchasing our products from Pingtung, helping the dream move forward. #thankuwithlove#supportbypurchasing


Our micro-movie is about to be released! Come and see~

Our micro-movie is about to be released! Come and see~😍
# I sell cocoa in the health room
Oh my god‼ ️ Farming will also jump to the big screen🎬😆 Thank youTaiwan Art Creation and Culture Foundation
Li YongpingChairman of the board # Everyone, you’ve been waiting for a long time. Come over.
"Return of Youth 2023 Local Creation Micro Film Competition - Jibei Beitao Touring Film Festival" officially starts~
Starting from 11/14, 19 selected works will be screened in New Taipei, Taipei, Taoyuan and Keelung. Admission is free. Directors, local creative workers and filmmakers will be invited to attend post-screening discussions. You are sincerely invited to watch! ★New Taipei
2023/11/14 (Tue) 14:00
2023/11/15 (Wednesday) 14:00
Location: Banqiao Showtime Cinema (No. 3, Section 2, Xianmin Avenue, Banqiao District, New Taipei City) ★Taipei
2023/11/18 (Saturday) 10:30
2023/11/18 (Saturday) 14:00
Venue: Taipei Confucius Temple Theater (No. 275, Dalong Street, Datong District, Taipei City) ★Taoyuan
2023/11/20 (Monday) 11:00
2023/11/20 (Monday) 14:30
Venue: Exhibition Hall, 1st Floor, Youth Affairs Bureau, Taoyuan City Government (No. 390, Huanbei Road, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City) ★Keelung
2023/11/22 (Wednesday) 14:00
Venue: Workin Bar Keelung Entrepreneurship Business Space (2nd Floor, 9th Floor, No. 87 Yiyi 1st Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City) 🎬🎬🎬Please refer to the electronic program list for detailed program and film list information:https://reurl.cc/jvo8ML 👉👉👉Online registration:https://reurl.cc/GKL7Rv Admission is free, please register online in advance until seats are filled.


Meihe University of Science and Technology # Minsheng College Minimally Invasive Education Course

Meihe University of Technology # People's Livelihood College
Minimally Invasive Education Course I-Simulation Management and Practice
when there is a chance # collaborative teaching
In class, I often walk around
ㄧIt’s not easy for classmates to doze off when they come
Secondly, to increase interaction, I hope the effect will be better. There are always some students who don’t look at me.
There are always classmates with bright eyes⭐️ I hope some of my experiences can inspire you. Then I will be very happy😃
Silin Cocoa Hub in Silin Clinic


Thank you to my friend Zheng Youxuan for the invitation

Thank you to my friend Zheng Youxuan for the invitation. I am honored to participate.
# National Development Conference # Taili Express # Kaohsiung Field
shareCocoaQueenlocal experience.
Through cocoa, we hope to take everyone from all over the country to the production area and to Pingtung and Chaozhou.
The link to the day’s event is in the message box~ Thank you tooSmile Taiwan 319 Township+Introductory report. The link to the article is also in the message box~ (Remember to scroll down the article. You will see me~^_^)


New arrival, experience the essence of nature!

✨New arrival, experience the essence of nature! ✨
Do you often face UV light and pollution?
Cocoa bean essential oil is your partner for healthy and beautiful skin! The new product not only contains highly effective antioxidant ingredients, but also provides deep hydration to moisturize your facial skin. The texture is refreshing and non-greasy, suitable for daily use to protect your skin from external damage. Keep your skin young and smooth!
🛒Cocoa Bean Essential Oil purchase link:https://reurl.cc/l7aeWQ


Mid-autumn peace tea gift box

🌕🈷️Mid-Autumn Peace Tea Gift Box🍵
Masterpiece pottery, Linhou cocoa co-branded item 🎁
🛍️Gifts for personal use are suitable for expressing the most sincere wishes. The price is discounted~The quantity is limited, pre-order as soon as possible.
Combination: Taiwan Species Mug + Raw Bean Cocoa Tea
Size: 11.5*9*H9cm/ Material: Porcelain
Capacity: 300ml Contents: cocoa beans
Net weight: 8 grams (1 small bag), a total of 10 bags /
Shelf life: 12 months
Gift box size: 33*21*12cm
(Pre-order items will be shipped on 8/30)
🛒➡️ https://cacaobellaqueen.com/product/Mid-Autumn Gift Box/ Introduction ➡️:
Masterpiece Ceramic Art was founded in June 1909 (Meiji 42), and it is one of the earliest local kilns in Yingge. In 2004, it was appraised by the Ministry of Culture as "Taiwan Craft Shop". The masterpiece pottery is positioned as a cultural and creative industry, and takes "the fusion of Taiwan image and Chinese culture" as its creative concept. Its works have been widely selected by central government agencies such as the Presidential Palace and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as gifts to state guests for more than 20 times, twice in 2018 and 2019 Designated by the Presidential Office, it is a gift to foreign heads of state from Mr. Zhang Zhongmou, the representative of the Republic of China participating in APEC. It can be called a small vanguard of cultural diplomacy. He has won 20 awards in large-scale ceramic art competitions at home and abroad, and is also the winner of the prize. In 2017, the ancient chimney was listed as a historic building by the New Taipei City Government. Product Features ➡️
The creation is inspired by Taiwanese culture ❤️
Masterpiece pottery works are rich in the profound heritage of Taiwanese culture, presenting connotations and characteristics that represent Taiwan. Therefore, it is often purchased by government agencies and large international companies as gifts for distinguished guests and foreign guests. Among them, the most successful case is the series of sky lanterns. In the past 10 years, its cumulative sales volume has exceeded one million. Through diplomatic channels and international exchanges of enterprises, the works have reached more than 90 countries. The current operator, the third-generation chairman Xu Yuanguo, is not only committed to cultural preservation, but also deeply aware of his social responsibility for environmental sustainability and the real estate industry, and has cooperated with small farmers many times. Lin Hou Cocoa, in addition to the affirmation of green sustainability and industrial promotion, also praised Pingtung for being able to grow world champion chocolate and cocoa tea developed from raw beans.
Jointly present a full-hearted Ping An tea gift box, presenting it to you~~🎁


Thank you # Master Baochun for holding the cards

Thanks # Master Baochun hand with cards
# you are my chocolate🍫
self-challengingWu Baochunmaster,
must think,
Apart from # World Bread Champion It is the chocolate in my mind 🍫;
Customers like and repurchase his works, it is the sweetest chocolate in their hearts🍫 Thank you, general manager Qiu Yixin, who is with you Wu Baochun Maifang Store Brand promoters, communicate with the market and customers through curation, and promote the brand to the world.
The two are kind, unassuming, and down-to-earth; we communicated in Taiwanese along the way, and the conversation was relaxed and comfortable. The rice ears are fuller and more modest. I wish Master Baochun to surpass himself again and win the championship smoothly 🏆
Cheering and applauding for you💪
Congratulations to General Manager Qiu/Travel Lifestyler, new work # hiker best-selling long red
Thank you for the gift # Pineapple Cake It has the sweet and sour taste of Taiwan's mother. It's really delicious! Thank you and bless you Thanks for the recommendation of Secretary-General Huancc Charles H💕


【Take a trip to explore the beautiful scenery of the settlement】

🌳Orchard introduction starts at 4:00 🎬
👏Welcome to Linhou Cocoa Farm🍫 https://fb.watch/kRifhXM_Bz/?mibextid=v7YzmG

🚩【Take a trip to visit the beautiful scenery of the settlement】
Along the tree-lined avenue, discover the style of Tianzhong among the Silin,
Visiting the black gold industry in Pingtung, discovering the diverse nutritional value of cocoa,
The scenery of the settlement where people gather together, taste the feast at the table under the forest,
Be grateful to the heaven, earth and ancestors, and share food with the forest with a respectful heart
# Chaozhou # Cocoa # black gold # origin dining table
▶️▶️The full version of the century-old town under Dawu Mountain in Chaozhou, Pingtung:https://youtu.be/8dndDcOHH0Y