Terms and Rules

Welcome to this website, in order to protect your rights, please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

This website reserves the right to order delivery. After confirming that the trading conditions are correct and in stock, the goods will be delivered to the address you specify after your payment is completed.

Website shopping policy:
When you click on I agree to the terms of service and return policy at checkout, it means that you have known and agreed to the entire contents of the agreed terms. The store will protect your personal data in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and abide by the store privacy protection policy.

This website reserves the right to accept or reject orders. If your order cannot be accepted due to accidents and other conditions, you will be contacted by phone, MAIL, or order message on the site. You can change the order content or process a refund. If you are inconvenient, Please forgive me.

To order multiple products, please check out in the same shopping cart. If two or more orders are generated separately, please complete the payment according to each special payment method/account. The system cannot merge payment and merge order shipments, please pay attention .

Return service:
If you need to return the product, please contact our customer service staff.
According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers are entitled to a seven-day appreciation period (non-trial period) for the arrival of goods. This website only has new product defects, and wrong and faulty products can enjoy free return service; the returned goods must be in a new state and The packaging is complete, otherwise it will affect your return rights.
If there is a problem with the product during use, please write to inform the product of the problem, our customer service staff will contact you as soon as possible to deal with related matters.

Delivery Method:

Shipping time is generally weekdays Monday to Friday. The delivery time varies depending on the individual shipping company.

If the consignee information is incomplete, the mobile phone number is filled in incorrectly, the MAIL mailbox is filled in incorrectly, the consignee cannot receive the goods, in case of accidental natural disasters, system equipment maintenance, cargo transfer, inventory, etc., the factory will replenish the goods, the delivery time will be postponed ,Please excuse me.
The above is the estimated time. The actual delivery time needs to be based on local conditions, and the delivery time cannot be promised. If there is gift giving, going abroad, or other special reasons, you must bear the risk of limitation.
Supermarket pick-up packages will send a pick-up notification newsletter after arriving at the store (if you use the telecommunications company to reject the service of commercial advertising newsletters or have not been turned on for a long time, you will not be able to receive the notification message).
In case of irresistible factors such as natural disasters and some supermarket outlets are closed on weekends or other special reasons, the package may require more working days to arrive at the store.

payment method:

ATM payment:
Using the ATM payment method, you only need to transfer the order payment through the physical/Internet ATM; or the online bank directly imports into the system designation, and the designated account number can complete the payment.
Cash on delivery:
Pay the payment when picking up the goods to ensure that the items are in hand and the packaging is not damaged or lost, safe and convenient
PayPal payment:
For users who do not have a credit card and are inconvenient to transfer money, they can use the world's most credible Internet trading platform to make payments, which is safe and secure

Discount coupon:

This site will occasionally host discount coupons, please pay close attention to the event information.
Discount coupons are used by members when they make purchases on this website, so please join the membership or log in to the member account and password before using.

How to use the discount coupon: At checkout, click Use discount coupon or fill in the discount coupon discount code to enjoy the discount!

Rules for using discount coupons:

Only one discount coupon can be used for each checkout.
If the checkout product is marked as "not applicable to discount coupons", the discount coupon cannot be used for the discount.
The discount coupon can only be used once without change, and cannot be recovered once used.
If an order using a discount coupon is cancelled or returned, the discount coupon will automatically expire and will not be returned.
The discount coupon has a validity period, after which it cannot be used and cannot be restored.
Discount coupons cannot be used to deduct shipping costs.

privacy policy:

Data collection and use:
This website will collect your personal information and consumption-related information during the process of shopping checkout and contract fulfillment, as the use of providing goods or services, as well as related customer service and marketing promotion.
This website may provide information necessary for delivery of goods or services to logistics manufacturers for distribution or contact.
Information disclosure:
This website will not disclose or sell you to anyone except in accordance with relevant laws and regulations except for investigations by judicial authorities, other competent authorities or prosecution units, or if you have violated laws or contracts and have necessary rights to claim rights. s personal profile.
Revision of privacy protection policy:
This website reserves the right to revise this privacy policy at any time. If there are major changes that affect your rights and interests, this website will be announced at the appropriate position on the page.