Cocoa Bean Essence Oil [Beauty Oil]


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Product Name: Cocoa Bean Essence Oil (Beauty Oil)
Cacao Extract Moisturizing Facial Oil

Description: Cocoa extract, with multiple active ingredients including flavonoids, resveratrol, and tryptophan
, total polyphenols, etc., have good antioxidant capacity and anti-ultraviolet effect.
The unique aroma condensation technology fully retains and presents the natural aroma of roasted cocoa beans. Provides skin moisture and protection.
Small molecules, easy to absorb, refreshing texture, not greasy or heavy.

Usage: Moisturize facial skin
Usage: After cleansing and toning the face, take an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand and apply evenly on the face. Using fingertips, gently massage face and neck in small circles.
Also suitable for hands or other areas with dry skin.
Full ingredients: Cacao Extract Oil

Country of Origin:Taiwan
Capacity; 30ml / 1.0 FL oz.



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