Dreamland and Coco's Fantasy Adventure Story ChatGPT

# Dreamland and Coco's Fantasy Adventure Story
Co-founder Sister Ke Ke, a long time ago, specially invited a novel writer to write a story about the anthropomorphism of Ke Ke. Due to the limited funds of agricultural enterprises, the story has always remained on paper.
Because #ChatGPT #OpenAi
Make dreams come true.
This is the first attempt at a graphic and text compilation, although it is not the original novel story. It is still a fantasy adventure story of dreams and cocoa.
Lets come look.
The story is broken down into 3 parts, and each part is as short as possible. I hope you can take a look~


Extraordinary TV Taiwan's Truth, Goodness and Beauty premieres tonight

Extraordinary TV Truth, Kindness and Beauty in Taiwan
# Coco Beauty Coco Beauty 🍫💄
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I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day

wish you all Happy Valentine's Day #

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