Coco's Happiness Proposal-Linhou Japanese Corporate Video

Cocoa’s happiness proposal! We use products and cocoa villages to present the happiness and beauty that we are pursuing in our hearts! In the cocoa world language, combining industries, communities, cross-generations, and cross-culturals, we will introduce to you-Pingtung’s exclusive charming local and colorful life . grateful #'s most beautiful cocoa promotion ambassador Ms. #AjiokaMiki Introduce dubbed in person! # Taiwan-Japanese friendship#Taiwan❤️Japan # カカオ# Taiwan コスメ# Taiwan カカオ# Taiwan グルメ# Taiwan Travel# Taiwan に行きたいわん# Taiwan Sightseeing# invites you to use action support to purchase to help your dream move forward#suportbypurchasingCacao happiness proposal~ We'd like to present you the inner happiness and beauty in life through our cocoa products and the coming cacao village, inviting you to join us to experience the exclusively fine touch of Pingtung terroir. Special thanks to Ms. #Ajioka Miki, the charming Ambassador of Pingtung Cacao. Thanks for your beautiful and lovely voice over in this corporate video. Support by purchasing our products from Pingtung, helping the dream move forward. #thankuwithlove#supportbypurchasing


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