Unnatural lip balm, causing sore throat


📣📣Cocoa Nourishing Lip Balm📣📣

You may have noticed the news these days~
# Kaohsiung mayor candidate Mr. Han rubbing lip balm causes sore throat
The news also suggested that the ingredients of lip balm, such as Phenon (phenol), are very toxic organic solvents. Some lip balm is added with a small amount to help sterilize and relieve wounds. It is not recommended for people who are sensitive.
news: Han Yu's lip balm is revealed! Adding "this ingredient" will make you uncomfortable
The editor wants to emphasize [📢📢A good lip balm should be pure natural 📢📢] The lip balm produced by Cocoa after the forest is made of "natural cocoa extract". Friends can look at the picture below, pure natural cocoa butter✨ ✨Extraction~ This is also the quality we have repeatedly emphasized, because good quality can reassure consumers~ Friends who have used it all say 👍👍Like👍👍~~ Friends who are interested can go to the website to buy! ! !
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One thought on “非天然護唇膏,導致喉嚨痛

  1. Natural is better. After all, in order to save costs, most manufacturers will not care about too many sensitive ingredients. The advantage of natural is that, no matter what, some ingredients will exist. Those ingredients are compared with the body formed by our long-term evolution. Can match, and less allergic.

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