Thinking left and right, we don’t have pasta, we can only offer a great value Christmas and New Year’s Eve combination to give back to everyone

After thinking about it, we don’t have any pasta, we can only bring back the super value Christmas and New Year combination to everyone💋
✨Send your girlfriends, colleagues, and yourself ✨
Give you the six major combinations full of sincerity! (Activity discount starts now~2022/1/7)
A. Petting gift: Facial mask (2 pieces)*1 box + Mishou cream*1 box + out-of-home cleansing mousse*1 bottle.
$660 yuan (original price 740 yuan)
B. Care gift: 5 boxes of Mishou Cream get 1 free.
$1400 yuan (original price 1680 yuan)
C. Autumn and winter moisturizing super polite: buy 2 bottles of cocoa repair cream, get 1 bottle free.
$2980 yuan. (Original price 4500 yuan)
D. Goddess Gift: Choose 2 colors of color-changeable lipstick, and get 1 bottle of out-of-home cleansing mousse.
$1380 yuan. (Original price 1780 yuan)
E. Girlfriend gift: Cleansing mousse 1L free 180ml package.
$1800 yuan. (original price 2850 yuan)
F. Sparkling gift: Cocoa whitening mask series,
Buy 5 and get 1 free, buy 10 and get 2 free, buy 15 and get 3+1 boxes free.
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