Great deal for the Year of the Tiger, it's a pity to miss it

🐯 Wind in the Year of the Tiger ~ Fafafa 🐯 # Farmerticket

🎊 Super discount, don't be too sad 🎊
1. First download the Agricultural Tour Coupon App
2. Before 1/30, go to qualified merchants or farms, farmers' associations, and buy agricultural and fishery products of 1,000 yuan (above),
3. Log in to the invoice to get 888 yuan gift certificate,
4. Go buy it again, and draw a lottery every Wednesday ️

❓Where to buy?
➡️After logging in to the App, you can check the stores in the lower left, and use the county and city divisions and maps to know which qualified businesses are in the area. 🌍

The store can buy it here~ Silin Cocoa Hub


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