Zhengxiu University of Science and Technology-Sharing with Xinxin students

Linhou Coco team cameZhengxiu University of Technology-Makeup DepartmentFenxi's journey of entrepreneurship.

The cocoa trees that have been cared for for a long time have become sweet and pleasant fruits under the sweat of the small farmers in Pingtung.

Carefully select the best cocoa, inMeihe University of TechnologyWith the help of department professors and students, the chain is precisely quenched,

High-quality cocoa butter has become every high-quality skin care product in your hands.

With everyone's efforts, Pingtung Cocoa is no longer just cocoa, but an angel that cares for the body and mind.

After years of hard work, I have learned something and returned to campus to cultivate future generations.

Xin Xin students, work hard to learn.

Ten years of trees, a hundred years of trees.

Sharing is the source of nourishment, and learning is the driving force for growth.

Linhou Coco Garden has always embraced the spirit of accepting and returning to society, and actively participates in activities to cultivate promising young people.

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