Encountered many hens, many hens are wonderful fate, thank Karena for recommending 👀👍

✨Be more beautiful together💄 Thank you Karena for your recommendation. 10/5-20 1-9pm # Cocoa Concept Store # Pingtung Cocoa Taiwan Chocolate 🍫 The first brand of # cocoa skin care products has been looking for a lipstick that suits their lip color, natural ingredients and moisturizing, but the result is Cocoa after the forest. Sister Hong let me get this color-changing lipstick containing Pingtung’s cocoa butter. It is the first hot new product sold at the Super South Design Exhibition. Let me show it right away and help my sister sell it! This lipstick that can change color with body temperature is available in two colors: #61 Sugar Rose, #62 Pink... Published by Karena Chang on Friday, October 11, 2019

New Year special combination out of the box-Cocoa hand and foot repair cream-Weiting

The fragrance is overflowing, moisturizing and moisturizing. Apply to the skin. No allergies. Protect the whole body. The fragrance of chamomile. It is full of vitality. It protects the body and mind like a flower. The beauty and good smell. Care for your tender skin. New Year Value Combination-Sweet Set 1038 New Year Value Combo-Original Package 998 Lovers of Forest Cocoa-Witing sincerely recommend